Autocompletion in ZEPL

How to use autocompletion in ZEPL

ZEPL supports autocompletion for Python, Spark, and SQL. To begin using the autocompletion feature, simply the run the paragraph you're working on. You can run the paragraph after you select the interpreter you want to use.

Don't forget that before you use the autocompletion feature, first run the paragraph. If you see a warning message, check that the notebook or paragraph has run. You can do this by checking both the paragraph and the container status.

Supported Interpreter Type

Here is the list of interpreters and their specific autocompletion supported features.

Spark Interpreter

symbol autocompletion supported Type
%spark supported SparkInterpreter - Provides a Scala environment
%pyspark supported PySparkInterpreter - Provides a PySpark environment
%ipyspark supported IPySparkInterpreter
%dep supported DepInterpreter - Load dependency libraries into Spark environment
%sql X SparkSqlInterpreter - Provides SparkSQL environment
%r X SparkRInterpreter - Provides R environment

Python Interpreter

symbol autocompletion supported Type
%python supported PythonInterpreter - Provides a Python environment
%ipython supported IPythonInterpreter - Provides a iPython environment
%conda X PythonCondaInterpreter - Provides a Conda enviroment
%sql X PythonInterpreterPandasSql - Provides pandasql environment

JDBC Interpreter

symbol autocompletion supported Type
%sql supported JDBC interpreter with drivers for popular databases.