Login support

In private enterprise environments, Zepl supports multiple login systems that can be set up after deployment into your VPC. This is the list of all the integrations we support but feel free to contact us if you have any questions about an integration or need one not in the list.


Zepl's default login system. The user will be authenticated against our own database.



The user logs in with their username and password on the Zepl login page.


Zepl's alternate default login system (Google integration).

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Zepl provides integration with SAML 2.0 supporting these standards: - assertion and nameId encryption - assertion signatures - login (SP initiated) - IDP login: HTTP-redirect binding only - SP login: HTTP-POST binding only

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Zepl provides an integration with CAS.

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Zepl provides an integration with LDAP 3.

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We are using JWT tokens for our authorization layer in our application and these tokens can be injected into some notebooks for authorization. If your enterprise needs to leverage JWT in order to have access to some of your data layers (that require your enterprise JWT), we can provide a custom login mechanism that can use your enterprise JWT to login into our system. Please contact us for more information.