Notebook Versioning

Notebook versions are created automatically when paragraphs are executed, code is modified or results change. Versions can also be named for easier identification and to act as a tagging system. Naming a version can also be used to create saved versions manually. And, of course, it's possible to rollback the notebook to any of the previous versions.

Creating a Version of a Notebook Manually

To create a manual version of a notebook, click the Name current version item in the "..." dropdown menu on the top right side of the notebook page. Then enter the name you want in the Name this version dialog window that pops up and click Submit.

Examining the Version History

You can have a look at the list of saved versions by clicking the Version history item in the "..." dropdown menu on the top right side of the notebook page as shown below:

Renaming Existing Versions

Existing versions can be renamed by clicking the kebab menu at the upper right of each version entry area and selecting Rename as shown here:

Automatically Created Versions

When a paragraph is executed or code is modified in a paragraph, Zepl creates notebook versions automatically (at short time intervals). Of course, we can rename the automatically created versions too.

Rollbacking Back

To preview the content of a previous version, click its name in the version history list. A preview will be shown for verification with a Close Preview button appearing in the top right. Click that button if you'd like to cancel the operation and keep the current contents of the notebook. Otherwise click the Rollback button to proceed. The notebook will now roll back and refresh to the version you selected as shown below: