Importing Jupyter notebooks into ZEPL and JUNO

ZEPL is a service where your Apache Zeppelin and Jupyter Notebooks can be brought together to the same platform for sharing and collaboration. You can import your Apache Zeppelin and Jupyter notebooks into ZEPL. There are two methods to import a notebook:

NOTE: As of now only Jupyter version >= 4 is supported.

Upload Notebooks

Select the Import option from either each (default type) of Space menu or a title bar inside of the space.

Click Select File to upload a new file.

NOTE: File size limit- 1 Mb.

The notebook name will be autofilled, or you can choose to give it a unique title.

Import from Url

Host the notebook to a publicly available location. Enter the URL in the input.

Once the upload is completed, you will be redirected to the notebook.

JUNO Look and Feel

Juno is a NASA space probe orbiting the planet Jupiter.

For those who are familiar with Jupyter notebooks and prefer a similar notebook view, ZEPL includes the JUNO look-and-feel view. If you import a Jupyter notebook, JUNO look-and-feel will be set automatically, however you can modify the view once you open the notebook.