Inline Interpreter configuration

%[Interpreter name].config is a special interpreter that allows for interpreter properties and environment variables to be configured in each notebook. This features brings additional flexibility enabling users to do, among other things:


%[Interpreter name to configure].config
[Key 2] = [Value 1]         # comment
[Key 2] = [Value 2]

Note that inline configuration must run before any other paragraph. So it will usually be the first paragraph in the notebook.


Key can not include empty space. [A-Z_0-9]+ is treated as a environment variable, otherwise it's considered an interpreter property. e.g.:


Value is separated by spaces or tabs from Key. Value can include any character except for newline. For example, following are all valid:

If value need to include new line (multi-line) wrap value using """ (triple double quote).


%spark.config = ZEPL            # override default spark app name
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID = ....         # AWS access key environment variable
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY = ....     # AWS secret key environment variable
MY_VAR = """multiple
val data ="s3a://...")

Available configurations

1. %python.config

key value description
zeppelin.python python or python3 Python command to use. python for 2.x, python3 for 3.x. You can also configure python version by creating conda environment.
zeppelin.python.maxResult Number (e.g. 10000) Max number of dataframe rows to display.

2. %spark.config

key value description
zeppelin.spark.useHiveContext true or false Use HiveContext instead of SQLContext if it is true (default).
zeppelin.spark.maxResult Number (e.g. 10000) Max number of Spark SQL result to display.
zeppelin.dep.additionalRemoteRepository A list of 'id,remote-repository-URL,is-snapshot;'.
e.g. spark-packages,,false;
Additional maven repository for spark dependency interpreter %spark.dep.
zeppelin.pyspark.python python or python3 Python command to use in pyspark. python for 2.x, python3 for 3.x.

3. %jdbc.config

key value description
default.url JDBC url. e.g. jdbc:postgresql:// JDBC URL to connect.
default.user String user name.
default.password String password.
default.driver Driver class name. e.g. org.postgresql.Driver JDBC driver class name.
common.max_count Number (e.g. 10000) Maximum number of rows to return.