Snowflake Partner Connect

Zepl is proud to participate in Snowflake Partner Connect. This program allows Snowflake users to quickly create a Zepl trial & connect Zepl to your Snowflake account. Here’s how you can get started using Zepl with Partner Connect:

Step 1

Log in to your Snowflake account as an Account Admin.

Step 2

Select the Partner Connect tile from the top right.

Step 3

Click the Zepl tile, followed by Connect. Snowflake will auto-create an extra-small data warehouse (PC_ZEPL_WH) and a database (PC_ZEPL_DATABASE) for you to pipe data into for use in Zepl.

Step 4

Once the account has been created, a pop-up will appear confirming that the Snowflake <> Zepl connection is ready to be activated. Click Activate to continue with the process.

Step 5

You can now choose between creating a new Zepl account / organization or connecting your Snowflake environment to an existing Zepl organization. To create your account, enter your email and click Next.

Step 6

After answering a few questions to create a new account account, you will begin a 30 day free trial with $400 worth of Zepl credit to run analytics.

Step 7

Log in to Zepl. Upon landing in the product, you will be shown how to run your first notebook via a guided tour.